Financial Data Modeling

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Duration: 320 min
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Day 1 Day 2
 Excel as a Tool for Financial Modeling  Projecting Cash Flow Statement
 Referencing & Excel Shortcuts for Financial Modeling  Circular References in Cash and Interest
 Building Layout for Scalable Financial Model  Analyzing Financial Statements with Ratios
 Building Growth Drivers for Revenue  Corporate Finance Concepts for Financial Modeling
 Building Growth Drivers for Cost  Key Valuation Concepts
 Building Asset and Debt Schedule  Valuation Using DCF and Comps
 Projecting P&L and Balance Sheet  Scenario Analysis and Building Dashboards
Day 3 Day 4
 Advanced Tools in Excel for Auditing Financial Models  Understanding Macros
 Auditing Large Models and Complicated Formula  Creating Flexible Dashboards & Charts Using Form Controls
 Advanced Excel Functions to Create Flexible Financial Models Using Index, Match and Offset Functions  Introduction to VBA for Financial Modeling
 Mastering Financial Functions – Lease Analysis for Facebook  Recording Macros to Break Circular References
 Advanced Charting Techniques in Excel – Creating Football Field  Implementing Monte Carlo Simulation for Revenue Analysis –I
 Creating Dashboard for Financial Data  Implementing Monte Carlo Simulation for Revenue Analysis –II

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