Financial Data Modeling

Course Index:

Day 1

  • Excel as a Tool for Financial Modeling
  • Referencing & Excel Shortcuts for Financial Modeling
  • Building Layout for Scalable Financial Model
  • Building Growth Drivers for Revenue
  • Building Growth Drivers for Cost
  • Building Asset and Debt Schedule
  • Projecting P&L and Balance Sheet

Day 2

  • Projecting Cash Flow Statement
  • Circular References in Cash and Interest
  • Analyzing Financial Statements with Ratios
  • Corporate Finance Concepts for Financial Modeling
  • Key Valuation Concepts
  • Valuation Using DCF and Comps
  • Scenario Analysis and Building Dashboards

Day 3

  •  Advanced Tools in Excel for Auditing Financial Models
  • Auditing Large Models and Complicated Formula
  • Advanced Excel Functions to Create Flexible Financial Models Using Index, Match, and Offset Functions
  • Mastering Financial Functions – Lease Analysis for Facebook
  • Advanced Charting Techniques in Excel – Creating Football Field
  • Creating Dashboard for Financial Data

Day 4

  • Understanding Macros
  • Creating Flexible Dashboards & Charts Using Form Controls
  • Introduction to VBA for Financial Modeling
  • Recording Macros to Break Circular References
  • Implementing Monte Carlo Simulation for Revenue Analysis –I
  • Implementing Monte Carlo Simulation for Revenue Analysis –II

Study Material

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