Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How to apply to become an Instructor?

You just have to fill the Application form or you can mail your Profile to, please Click here to fill application form if you wish to become an instructor with MindCypress.

Q2: Is there any approval process to become an instructor?

Yes, Mindcypress hold the rights to shortlist a profile of Instructor depending on your Work Experience and Training Experience in the subject matter. Mindcypress mainly deals with Businesses for the training of professionals and prefer to provide content for advance learning.

Q3: What are the qualifications criteria to join MindCypress as an instructor?

Mindcypress prefer to provide content for advance and expert level learning. We prefer expert Instructor that have good enough experience of Training Professionals for advance skills.

Instructor should have following skill to qualify:

  1. should have at least 5 years of working experience in any Industry/Domain.
  2. Should have at least 1 year of experience as Instructor.
  3. Content created should be Advance to train professionals.
Q4: Is there any fees to join MindCypress as an instructor?

There is no Fee to join Mindcypress as Instructor.

Q5: Is there any guideline or qualification parameters for course content?

Yes, we have certain qualification criteria for Course Content.

  1. Content created should be Advance to train professionals.
  2. The Minimum duration of any Course should be 5 Hours.
  3. There should be an evaluation quiz of 5 Questions after each Module.
  4. There should be Mock test of minimum 20 Questions after completion of course.
  5. There should be at least 3 Case Studies or Real-Life Application or To Do Activity.
  6. Instructor has to share at least 20 Questions for Quiz and one Case Study every month for continual Learning of Users.
Q6: Can an Instructor sell a course created/launched by him on MindCypress Portal?

Instructors cannot sell any course launch on MindCypress Platform to any other Platform. If an Instructor want to sell any Mindcypress Course to its Audience, they can join Mindcypress affiliate program and can get referral amount of 30% of each sale as affiliate.

Q7: Can I launch the course created for MindCypress on another platform?

No, MindCypress reserves all the rights to the courses and its content. If a course is duplicated on other website/platform/App, it will lead to termination of the Contract with instructor.

Q8: Is there any promotion program of MindCypress for the courses?

Yes, Mindcypress has its own Sales and Marketing team to promote the courses. Mindcypress also have a Network of affiliate for promotion of courses.

Q9: How do I create a MindCypress course?

Mindcypress have a specialized Content creation team. Our Content creation Team will provide you complete support to make the course live after becoming Mindcypress Instructor. All you have to do is to share the course content with our team.

Q10: Can an Instructor create a coupon code?

No, the coupons are created by MindCypress admin. You will be notified whenever any new coupon will be created. You can definaltely share those coupon code among your audience.

Q11: Do I need to Sign any agreement/ contract to become an instructor?

Yes, there will an agreement between MindCypress and Instructor.

Q12: What is the payment cycle and method?

Payment cycle is Monthly. Your monthly statement will be shared over mail. You will be paid after 45 Days of enrollment in course by User.

Q13: What is the payment method?

Payment for Instructor will be sent to their PayPal Account. If you cannot accept PayPal Payment, Mindcypress can wire funds to your account but you have to submit valid Passport for that.

Q14: How do get opportunity to deliver LVC/ Class room training?

If Mindcypress will come across any requirement for LVC or Class Room Training, we will share your profile with Clients after taking consent from Instructor and that opportunity will be awarded to you if client shortlist your profile. Mindcypress will inform Instructor about any such Training at least 7 days prior for LVC and 1 month prior for Class Room Training.

Q15: Will MindCypress assist for Visa if Instructor has to travel for classroom training?

Yes, Mindcypress will arrange all necessary documents from client required for Instructor Visa.

Q16: Who will bear the cost if instructor has to travel for class room training?

MindCypress will bear the cost of the travel, accommodation, Food and VISA as per the Travel policy. Mindcypress will do all necessary booking of Flights and Hotel for Instructor.