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Business Management

Human Resource Analytics

Mind Cypress
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Human Resource Analytics by MindCypress is intended to provide a vivid description of Human Resources with the Analytical approach. This course includes the tools, techniques, descriptions, formulas required to run the analytics in the HR Domain. Our team of Developers, Designers, and Subject Matter Experts has used their learning in such a manner that learner gets the advance training and knowledge of the Human Resource Analytics.

This course is designed to provide you with an understanding of the role of data and technology in human capital management. Every topic in the course will be covered in the most practical way so that learners get hands-on experience.

In the course, we use the 4Ts principle: Task, Theory, Technique, and Technology so that there is always a connection to organizational performance objectives, an overview of underlying theories and principles, and specific tools which help achieve business objectives.

You will learn

  • what combination of data, technologies, and tools can be used in people management processes to improve the organization’s performance
  • How to use some of these tools and how to select the ones that suit your objectives and budget
  • To design individual and team development plans and measure its ROI for the organization
  • How to figure out the qualities that lead employees to their best performance so you know what to encourage in current and look for in new employees
  • How to identify the right channels to recruit your employees or team members
  • What combination of monetary and non-monetary motivation tools work best for your organization
  • How to predict what people will leave in the near future and how to make sure some of them stay
  • How to measure the engagement and make a strong organizational culture improve performance

Benefits of HR Analytics

  • Employee surveys
  • Telemetric Data
  • Attendance records
  • Multi-rater reviews
  • Salary and promotion history
  • Employee work history
  • Demographic data
  • Personality/temperament data
  • Recruitment process
  • Employee databases

At the end of the course, you will get a quiz. The quiz contains some basic and advanced questions. Once passed successfully, the user will get a certificate of completion that can be used for Job Applications, Appraisal Discussions, and for self-confidence that will stand you out of the crowd. 



  • Basic knowledge of English
  • Basic Understanding of Microsoft Excel
  • Professional in Human Resources Domain is preferred

Here is the course outline:

1. Module -1

The basic definition of Human Resource Analytics with an introduction to Analytics process and measure phase.

2. Module - 2

Introduction to Human Resource Information System and Calculation of need analysis. Tools and techniques for big data and human resources.

3. Module - 3

Statistics for predictive analytics. Ways to predictive analytics to transform HR functions. ANOVA explanation with normal distribution with regression analysis and hypothesis testing.

4. Module - 4

Human Resource Measurement Effectiveness with categorized KPIs and leading with lagging indicators for external hire rate. Including important formulas and methodologies for performance management.

5. Quiz

The quiz contains all the topics from the course and some other questions that are basic in Human Resources.


The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

Certificate of Completion
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