Customer Service Management
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Customer Service Management

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Customer service management is a wide and never ending topic of discussions as it have lots of out of the box scenarios but taking a very scientific approach MindCypress had made this study easy to understand by explaining our learners in a cognitive way that: Customer service is the act of taking care of the customer’s needs by providing and delivering professional, helpful, high quality service and assistance before, during, and after the customer’s requirements are met. Customer service is meeting the needs and desires of any customer.

 The course then defines the below topics in great details:
  • The importance of Customer Service.
  • Importance of BPO in Customer Support Service.
  • 16 key customer service skills in the Outsourcing Industry.
  • Customer Service in Retail Business.
  • Four key principles of Customer Service in the Retail Business 
  • Different types of customers in the Retail Business
  • Type of customers to take care of after purchase or service in the Retail and Outsourcing Business.
  • What are 10 types of Customer Service Channels?
  • How to Appreciate Customers?
Customer Service Management Course Outline:
  1. What is customer service and how do you go about serving your customers in a professional way?
  2. Importance of customer service & different ways Customer satisfaction correlates with business results
  3. Key Customer service skills in the Outsourcing Industry
  4. Key principles of Customer Service in the Retail Industry
  5. Different types of customers in the Retail Business
  6. Importance of BPO Customer Service and Call Centre
  7. And lots more!
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