Structured Query Language - Basic
Structured Query Language - Basic cover

Structured Query Language - Basic

Instructor: MindCypress

Language: English

Validity Period: Lifetime

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This SQL course offers you in-depth knowledge regarding SQL and SQL database management systems. Anyone who aims to learn SQL and MySQL is eligible for this course. There are no such eligibility criteria,and anyone with basic English knowledge can learn and write SQL queries. The course offers a great understanding of SQL. Most data-oriented technologies use it. It is easy and helpful in handling a huge amount of structured data.It is one of the best data analytics tools and allows faster data access.

Our experts prepare this course focusing on basic SQL concepts such as data models, entity-relationship, tables, queries, records filtering, wildcards, commands, data types, constraints, and functions. The course uses SQL and SQL databases, making it easy to grasp the information. The company embraces it as it offers ease in access to the information from the database regarding people, stocks, orders and allows sorting, retrieval, and data analysis.

Several companies hire people with SQL knowledge like Dell, NTT Data, Accenture, and its importance makes it useful in smaller firms also. The course is short and precise and offers to learnthrough graphics and animation. The course also follows a practical approach, making it easy for beginners to enter the SQL field. We offer a "Certificate of Completion" upon the successful completion of the course and a "Certification of Excellence" after completing the quiz related to the course.


  • Written as per the SQL Certification Examination
  • Content created by Industry Experts
  • Quizzes are added for self-evaluation and assessment
  • Genuine examples
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